About Brandon Rice Kentucky

Brandon Rice founded Boomerang Site Solutions in 2001 in Tampa, Florida as the wireless marketing arm of OSI Restaurant Partners immediately after graduating with a degree in Economics. The next few years he spent facilitating Master agreements between OSI and the nation’s wireless carriers and secured numerous still performing wireless facilities on their behalf. Brandon then entered into similar Exclusive agreements with the some of the largest hotel, fast-food, grocers, and financial institutions in the world. In 2009 the company now known as Immobili received a significant equity investment, and was relocated to Bellevue, Washington. Brandon remained a significant owner of the new company, and sat on the company’s Board of Directors with the Founders of Voicestream, Powertel, McCaw Cellular, and Western Wireless. He remained responsible for the growth of Immobili’s real estate portfolio, securing the marketing rights to over 25,000 commercial properties for wireless development nationwide and exclusively representing half a dozen Fortune 500 companies. Immobili was acquired in 2011 by one of the the world’s largest tower owner and operators.


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